The meaning of a bronze wood logo

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Used as a luxurious gift for anniversaries, trophies, awards events, honoring achievements of individuals and businesses that have significant meaning. big, the spread will also be wider.
Bronze medal for corrosion is designed in a circular shape on 2 wooden cross-cut bases. The circular copper piece is machined to corrosion and then attached to the wood plate covered with protective glue or FALANG technology keeps the copper piece intact.

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The wooden circle represents the roundness, perfection, of the sky atmosphere (zodiac sign), the sun, life (Yin and Yang circle), time (clock face), movement and transfer (the wheel of reincarnation), protection (shield), protection (ring, bracelet). It can be said that the circle has an extremely attractive and mysterious characteristic that makes people fall in love with it.

Bronze logo templates

Referring to some beautiful copper wood logo templates, we will think of the most basic logo pattern that is horizontal or vertical with a rectangle. The product is usually about 220x300mm in size with gold, silver or high-grade titanium to highlight the design. The information on the logo is subtly printed with harmonious pattern design.


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